History and Background

The ACVV Koeberg is the only welfare organisation in Melkbosstrand that is accredited to deliver statutory welfare services.  The branch was founded in 2003 under the umbrella of the Mother Organisation that originated in 1904.  Our main function is child protection services and the upliftment of the quality of life of destitute families and individuals to a responsible in dependency.

The overwhelming critical psychosocial problems in some of the households in Melkbosstrand and surrounds, coupled with the lack of essential resources, leave many families with no alternative safety net other than the ACVV Koeberg.

needs-triangleThe figure on the left shows the human needs of all people in order to reach a level of self-fulfillment.  The very first step towards this is our physiological needs – the critical necessities to survive.  In the event that any of these levels of resources are lacking, it is very difficult for an individual to reach the next level.

The ACVV Koeberg aspires to assist and educate any person that is needy in any of these levels in order for him / her to reach a level of motivated self-fulfillment.

This comes to pass with the work done by our Social Workers, Auxillary Social Workers and volunteers in the Melkbosstrand community and surrounding area.

Participating in organisations such as the ACVV, gives individuals the  opportunity to give expression to their inborn talents and interests, thus promoting these talents to a higher level of experience and improving their chances of employment.

Companies involved with the ACVV receive tax privileges for monetary as well as “in natura” donations and needless to say, are noted for their goodwill towards the underprivileged.

We are a non-profit organisation and the services that we are able to deliver to our community depend greatly on the amount of support we receive from our community in Melkbosstrand and the surrounding areas.

For more information and if you are interested in joining our endeavors, please contact us at:

021 553 2745 or acvvkoeberg@afrihost.co.za


Social Services

Our social workers are actively committed to family care work in our area, which amounts to about 3822 households. Their work includes giving assistance to victims of physical and sexual abuse, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. They also handle foster care cases, adoptions, child court cases and assist with grants, elderly care placements and other official documents.  The ACVV Koeberg regularly presents awareness projects on social problems in South Africa in our communities and settlements, at schools and conferences.




Second Time Round Charity Store


We collect unused clothes and household items to give away to the needy.  Some  members of our communities do not qualify for hand-outs and therefore we sell these  second-hand items to them in order to teach some responsibility.  We appropriate all  funds from the sales for other welfare projects.

Our store is open to everybody, so feel free to visit on Mondays, Wednesdays and  Fridays between 10:00 and 14:00.

If you want to make an appointment outside these hours, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Contact Antoinette  Tel. 021 -5532745

We receive donations during office hours, which is Mon – Fri 7:45 till 16:15